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[2014-03-10] Literacy:What are the advantages of mercerized cotton fabrics and the difference with cotton fabri...
 What is mercerized cotton fabric ?    Mercerized cotton is the best to cotton as raw material,made ??of high-woven worsted yarn. Then by singeing , mercerized and other special processing procedures.Made bright and clean , high -quality anti-
[2014-03-09] Different production processes, Let scarves presents a different style
hemming, binding and other production processes are widely used in the scarf, Let scarves showing a different style. binding scarf mellow and delicate, hemming production process looks so simple and elegant scarves, Luckdunoul scarf manufacturers for the...
[2014-03-04] Pop Art into your life
Prevalent in the United States originated in the United Kingdom as pop art,,has now been integrated into clothing design , decoration design, A l
[2014-03-02] One week series scarf, let you love at first sight
  In your customer base , whether scarves have become an indispensable product with it? Scarves from Monday to Sunday , every day can bring a different color   From Monday to weekend, colors  can be every day  are not the same. Will people ...
[2014-02-28] Luckdunoul 2014 era " stripes " rampant
  Look at the streets of Paris Fashion Week .We know 2014 is definitely the fringes of the world.Horizontal stripes ,vertical stripes scarf with a shirt, small skirts  all  seem to alive .Stripes scarf in this year must be the goal of every...
[2014-02-26] Luckdunoul Cashew printing style
For thousands of years,Babylonian cashew floral pattern,Constantly Spread in the world.It 's Flirtatious、Bustling、Mystery,Designers always give people different feeling.In this season , Luckdunoul manufacturers take you savor the ancient Babylonian era cashew
[2014-02-24] Luckdunoul 2014 Fall and winter Classic aftertaste:Plaid rebirth
 Plaid pattern,The most classic interpretation is that always a different style and beauty,This season designers Luckdunoul let us revisit together ,&nbs...
[2014-02-22] spring, I have an appointment with a scarf
 spring, I have an appointment with a scarf   Farewell to the freezing winter, ushered in the warmth of spring.Are you prepared toMature and stylish American style? Comfortable and lively Korea style?Beautiful and Delicate Japan style?    Zhe Jian
[2014-02-21] 2014 , are you ready ?
 2014 , are you ready ?    
[2014-02-19] Fashionable Lace Scarves, Trendy and Eye-Catching
  YILU scarf  manufactures in 2014 launched as a simple fashion lace scarves;have warm red,Romantic red roses Color,Mysterious black,There are many other colors.   IN the YILU scarf  manufactures,You can customize all kinds of scarves...
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