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[2015-05-25] Do you have prepare assembly ready?
Sorching summer, the sun is big, so those love beautiful person, do you have prepare  assembly ready?Sunscreen, Sun protection  clothes, etc Now is the season of go to the beach, everyone at the time of playing, don't forget to bring a beach towels,...
[2015-05-21] Cotton and linen clothing cleaning method
Cotton and linen clothing cleaning method
[2015-05-04] The popular trend of color 2015--Blue Mud (Mud Blue)
The popular trend of color 2015--Blue Mud (Mud Blue) from Milan fashion show
[2015-04-29] The popular trend of color 2015 Milan fashion show
2015 chun xia season milan fashion week on color is close to the nature
[2015-04-19] new Canton Fair
The new Canton Fair third period will be held in 2015.5.1- 2015.5.5
[2014-11-13] Enterprise change name
Dear customers ,Due to business needs to expand the scale,Zhejiang dongyang Yilu  Silk Printing Co.,LTD. Will chang the name of Zhejiang Dongyang Jur...
[2014-07-09] 2014 print scarf in spring and summer fashion trends
Bright summer changing color is the main theme of the spring summer 2013,pink,fuchsia andturquoise by saturating the designs ,brings intense color effect.Traditional pattern is reinterpreted by vivid colors,gradients,color tips,delicate patterns flower type. ...
[2014-06-24] Scarf Printing process
Printing process is used to dye or pigment in the process of printing patterns on textile fabrics. Printing printing printing and fabric,  wool ...
[2014-06-09] Breakthrough old " Scarf " production sales model
  Scarf is a trendy and simple production process of the product,in    fact,it seems the entire electronic business platform scarf particularly   ...
[2014-03-29] A dream A challenge
 luckdunoul is a Chinese scarves manufacturer and supplier,have its own independent development and design team, has 15 years experience in production and...
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