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[2015-05-18] how to wash silk scarf?
how to wash silk scarf? If you don't know,pls see ...
[2015-05-14] how to wash cashmere scarf?
Cashmere is the root and above the skin of the villi called cashmere wool, is a very precious textile materials, less content, high quality, expensive, enjoys in the international market the laudatory title of "soft gold".So precious scarf is to take care of, so, cashmere scarf should be how to cleaning?
[2015-05-11] The scarf popular element 2015(1)
The scarf popular element
[2015-05-07] The popular trend of color 2015--Earth Brwon
The popular trend of color from Milan fashion show
[2015-04-27] Amid Tax Scandal, Italy's Bad Boys Of Fashion Dolce And Gabbana Become Billionaires
Amid Tax Scandal, Italy's Bad Boys Of Fashion Dolce And Gabbana Become Billionaires
[2015-04-22] Osaka Japan spring exhibition
Osaka Japan spring exhibition
[2013-08-26] 2013 spring and summer color trends popular international theme one: the earth confused (Earth Daze)
Topic mood: Use natural colors close to the original expression of the human tribe original style. Using strong ethnic flavor dress style to cater to the original color theme. In the confusion of color surrounded by hazy, look for the most primitive self.
[2013-08-26] Scarves maintenance ingenious broadcasting
Believe that every woman is more or less a few silk scarf, but most women still is not very clear how to maintain a good silk scarves, which are directly related to the beautiful oh!
[2013-08-26] India: scarf industry ushered in the "golden age"
Since last year, India scarf industry ushered in the golden age, although from the cold weather there is still a long time, but, in India, the factory has been operating at full capacity production scarf.
[2013-08-26] The development trend of the textile and garment
The last century 80's, and also the textile and garment industry in our country also appeared in Taiwan. At that time, the younger generation in Taiwan because of the improvement of the living reluctant to start to bespoke suits factory worker, labor shortage caused by the rapid rise in labor costs, other costs are ris...
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