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how to wash cashmere scarf?

Source:Zhejiang Dongyang Jura Garments co.,LTD.,Visit:-Release time:2015-05-14 09:32

 Wash cashmere scarf

Tools/raw material
Neutral detergent (excluding enzymes)
First in 35 ℃ with foam neutral detergent water soak for 15 minutes to 20 minutes.Avoid is used a enzymatic or chemical fertilizer containing bleaching sex and lotion and shampoo, to prevent erosion rub off.
Take knead gently with the hand, do not rub, lest cause pilling or felting.
Multicolor cashmere scarf should not be soaked, different colors of cashmere scarf is unfavorable also wash together, so as to avoid string of color.
Clean with 35 ℃ and 40 ℃ warm water two or three times, finally can put a little vinegar or the clean water softener, feel better.Washed cashmere scarf on the inclined plate pressure to squeeze water or in a bag with handle gently, dehydration in the washing machine to take off the tank.Then flat out to dry, do not hang, so as to avoid deformation.
According to the garment board cut out paper in advance, the scarf paving, tidy appearance.Mat on the wet towel, with medium temperature (140 ℃) of an iron.Iron don't direct contact with the cashmere scarf. we are scarf manufacturers in China.