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The popular trend of color 2015--Earth Brwon

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The following details from milan clothing fashion elements, the popular colour of 2015

Exclusive of qiu dong the earth color was taken to the spring and summer, the power of nature comes from, absorb enough moisture of soil audaciously to show off the beauty of spring and angry, plain brown earth let a person feel warm and comfortable, with low-key attitude bring joker's populist modelling for spring/summer.Alberta Ferretti consistent with many brands, salute nostalgic soul-rending nature s, bring the beautiful fantasy wonderland theme colors, belongs to the wave of brown earth using a suit from head to foot, tassel and three-dimensional flowers for long shawl injection and easy of Bohemia romantic feelings;Gucci with retro soul-rending nature as the theme, also shows the models of hippie girl like to travel around the world, the earth brown suede trench coat with classical texture has won the hearts of restoring ancient ways, to take us back to the old time series of travel adventures.

In conclusion, if you have already fall in love with this color?The earth brown has become a popular colour of scarf industry, under the stress, we are scarf manufacturers.