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Scarf Printing process

Source:Dongyang Yilu Silk Printing co.,LTD.,Visit:-Release time:2014-06-24 13:51

   Printing process is used to dye or pigment in the process of printing patterns on textile fabrics. Printing

printing printing and fabric, wool yarn and fabric dyeing as priority, scarves prints process primarily reactive

printing, pigment printing.

Reactive printing 

   Reactive printing, as the name suggests is our printing using reactive dyeing process of. Reactive printing of 

design elements from diversified: plant flowers, geometric shapes, letters, and organic combination of different 

colored blocks through Logo, different design  styles. Such fabric groups compare a wide range of adaptation, 

and for a long time. Reactive printing fabrics bright colors, color fastness, soft to the touch, can often wash 

fastness, long used as new. Active scarf printing is widely used in printing, the printing effect is very 
excellent as a whole, scarves are customers for this type of printing process is preferred.


Pigment printing 

   Paint is different from dyes,its fibers have on immediacy.cannot be combined and fibers,it is only a insoluble

colored powder mostly organic compounds, but there are inorganic.on its fiber"colored" principle is by using

in a synthetic resin that can generate solid film,fixing on the fiber surface,so it can print of pairs of different



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