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The development trend of the textile and garment

Source:Hongtu Iron Door and FenceVisit:-Release time:2013-08-26 19:52

The last century 80's, and also the textile and garment industry in our country also appeared in Taiwan. At that time, the younger generation in Taiwan because of the improvement of the living reluctant to start to bespoke suits factory worker, labor shortage caused by the rapid rise in labor costs, other costs are rising. Faced with this situation, Taiwan enterprises are chosen to cheap labor. In fact, since the last century, Europe and the United States because of rising costs, first moved to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries and regions, and then transfer to the mainland of China, two.

This analysis, transfer part of the textile and garment enterprises is already imminent not mytfgbk not hair. Of course, for the domestic market of coastal textile and garment enterprises, the production line to the central and western transfer is wise, the possibility is very successful tailored suit. But mainly to do the export of the textile and garment enterprises, high transportation costs they bear. To stay in the coastal area is probably the best choice.

Stay, can't stand requires the enterprises to carry out the transformation and rationalization of their own. The high cost of produced in order to digest in the coastal, textile and garment enterprises must enhance the production efficiency, quality of the labor force, the degree of automation, production technology, product quality and added value of products. Throughout history, we can find that no matter what a change or crisis are hidden behind the huge opportunity. Left to the textile and garment enterprises can take this opportunity, improve their product quality and grades. Create their own brand, let the world changed completely in China "world garment factory" concept. The made in China "into" created in China, and strive to make Chinese textile clothing occupy a space for one person in the high-end clothing market in the world.

Regardless of the textile and garment enterprises go or stay, it presents a development trend, representing the textile and garment industry bigger, stronger, doing fine Chinese way. Under the new circumstances, China's textile and apparel enterprises must have new wisdom and spirit, the need for new responsibilities and dare to play the character. Our textile and garment enterprises, must have globalization concept of market and product quality concept and innovation consciousness, to the development of industry specialization, fine product direction.