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India: scarf industry ushered in the "golden age"

Source:Hongtu Iron Door and FenceVisit:-Release time:2013-08-26 19:52

Since last year, India scarf industry ushered in the golden age, although from the cold weather there is still a long time, but, in India, the factory has been operating at full capacity production scarf.

The traditional India scarves are hand weaving, hand woven, with typical national characteristics, let India become the domestic selling scarf production of sophisticated products and yield, but little has been a bottleneck restricting the development of India scarf, in order to expand production, India has invested large amounts of funds to develop can match scarf handmade weaving machine after the, mechanized production, India scarf yield increase, also make the scarf industry entered a period of prosperity, the new process to produce a scarf, scarf retains the India traditional color, add into the rich ethnic characteristics of the pattern, reduced the production cycle to ensure the scarf, the scarf production, now India scarf not only in the domestic popularity, has become the foreign market panic buying selling products, because the scarf unique pattern, many countries in Europe and America's consumers will India scarf as a gift Jiapin most insurance.

A few years ago, India exports scarf industry still remain in the 400000000 to 500000000 rupees each, while last year rose by nearly 10 times, jumped to 5000000000 rupees, about 1 hundred million US dollars, most experts agree, this is just the beginning of the golden age of India scarf, scarf future with the increase of quantization scale of production, the numbers will be a great breakthrough.