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Scarves maintenance ingenious broadcasting

Source:Hongtu Iron Door and FenceVisit:-Release time:2013-08-26 19:52

Believe that every woman is more or less a few silk scarf, but most women still is not very clear how to maintain a good silk scarves, which are directly related to the beautiful oh!



1, silk easy to crease, so when not in use, use the hanger hanging, is the best method for safekeeping.

2, the party and other grand occasion, the scarf can make you look more beautiful style, but not the perfume or powder directly sprayed on the scarf.

3, silk without friction, when in use, often do not tie in the same position, or it is easy to make the parts of tarnish or pilling.

4, the scarf to keep dry, avoid direct contact insecticide. Want to deal with the scarf, dirt or stain, recommended to send reputable professional dry cleaners, and introduced in detail the situation (what kind of dirt, contamination of time, whether the treatment had etc.).

5, scarves appear wrinkles, can be cold ironing on the wrong side of cloth.

6, silk yellowing of the reason is caused by the silky material, not due to improper cleaning or maintenance, but because ultraviolet light irradiation induced or long time, therefore, prevent silk is light yellow.

7, silk delicate texture, soft, but susceptible to hook to cut the shortcomings, the emergence of this situation, seize the hook to the part, with both hands slowly straightened, stay back to its original state, with the iron stereotypes.